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Ceramicized Aluminum or red goldThe housing is 12 sided and made of dodecagonal shape. Its construction material, however, is also unique. The case of one version of the timekeeper is made from aluminum, which has been ceramicized to a charcoal gray finish. This treatment makes it more durable and stronger than stainless steel. It is also ten times stronger than steel and anti-corrosive. Micro-arc oxidation is the process used to make ceramicized aluminum. It was discovered more than a half century before, but it has only been perfected recently and made more useful.Hublot Replica Watches The process involves chemical, electrical and physical transformations of aluminum base material that is submerged in water. The end product is not only durable but also pleasing to the eye and comfortable for the wrist.

A watch housing in 18 K red-gold is available as an alternative to the ceramicized version. The dimensions are the same, regardless of the material. They are 47 mm in diameter (as is evident from the name of the watch) and 15.72 mm thick. The waterproofness is 50 meters.

One can easily tell the difference between the ceramicized aluminium and the red-gold version by their dials. The ceramicized aluminum version has a gray dial with matching hands and appliques, while the red gold version has a black face with matching markers and hands. The crown protector of the ceramicized aluminum model is made from the same material that the case. However, the crown and pushers (which are always engraved with the logo of the brand) are made out grade 5 titanium. All of these components come from the same material for the gold version.

Three additional jewelry versions with round and baguette cut diamondsIf you don't like the look of this newcomer in the Admiral's Cup Series, Rolex Replica has three other jewelry versions with different levels embellishment. All three models have round-cut diamonds in the chrono minute and date subdials (88 totaling 0.13 carats), and nine baguette cut stones on the hour markers. Different jewelry models differ in terms of the types and amount of gems used on the fixed bezels, lugs, and crown protector. The first is made up of only round-cut stones,Cartier Replica Watches or 204 in total with a weight of 2,13 carats. The next version is adorned with 36 baguette cut precious stones (4.71 carats), and 144 additional round-cut diamonds (0.63 carats) along the lugs, crown protector, and bezel. The third version is the most lavish, with the highest number of baguette-cut stones. The bezel and lugs have 60 baguette-cut diamonds, weighing approximately 6.01 carats.

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