Frequently asked questions

How does the e-see works?

e-see uses wavefront aberrometry technology (plenoptika WRE) the same technology that measures refractive errors and aberrations in the patient's eye during LASIK surgery. The e-see provides a closer reading to subjective refraction than a traditional autorefractor. It has a binocular design and reduce patient natural accommodation with its open-view design. The measurements take 10 seconds per eye.

What measurements are provided by the e-see?

Spherical,Cylindrical power with axis,Spherical Equivalent powers. ( myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism)

What is the range of sphere power calculated by e-see?

It measures spherical power from -10D to +10D

What is the range of cylindrical power calculated by e-see?

It measures cylindrical power from 0 to 6D

Is e-see rechargeable?

Yes, e-see is a rechargeable device. A charging adapter is included along with the device.

How long e-see should be charged and how long it can be used?

The recommended hour of charging is 6 hrs , for 8 hrs of continuous usage.

Can we use e-see while charging?

Yes we can use e-see while charging

What are the possible adverse effects on overcharging e-see?

This device comes with overcharge protection, so overcharging does not have any adverse effects on it

Can we keep it in the carry case while charging

No we should not keep it in the carry case, while charging because the device can become warm and the case can cause overheating

Can i use others chargers for charging the e-see ?

No, Only the charger given along with the device should be used for charging e-see

How long e-see will take to complete a both eye testing?

e-see will take less than a minute to take measure both eyes

Does e-see test both eye at a time?

No, e-see will test the eye unilaterally and for left eye, the device should be flipped

Which eye should be tested first with e-see?

The right eye is the recommended for the initial measurement because the IPD adjustment lever will be facing upwards which is used to align the eye

What are the accessories comes along with e-see ?

Its comes with chain strap , Data cable, adapter , Hardshell case

Do you provide any other accessories apart from the above?

Based on the customer preference , we can provide Bluetooth printer,Stand . But it comes with an additional cost

Can we print the test results?

Yes, you can print the results by pairing with the recommended Bluetooth printer provided by Aurolab

Can we pair e-see with any Bluetooth printer?

No it should be paired only with the recommended Bluetooth printer provided by Aurolab

What is the warranty time period?

The warranty time period for e-see is 1 year

What does warranty cover?

Manufacturing Defect

Software & Hardware upgradation

Do aurolab have extended warranty coverage package?

Yes , but its comes with an additional cost . kindly contact us to know more

How quick aurolab will be addressing the service call?

Within 16 hours from the time of call

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