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Born at MIT, raised around the world

e-see is a special version of QuickSee™ developed by PlenOptika® exclusively for Aurolab to distribute in the SAARC region. The collaboration of Aurolab and PlenOptika, with support from the Indo-US Science & Technology Endowment Fund, Seeing Is Believing (a program of the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness), and other public and private sources, makes clinical-quality vision care possible for everyone in the region, regardless of their financial or geographic limitations.

PlenOptika, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts USA, brings cutting-edge optical technology to eye care professionals and healthcare providers worldwide. Their flagship product, QuickSee™, is the world’s most accurate handheld autorefractor. Combining an open and binocular view design, wavefront aberrometry, and continuous measurements in a field-durable hand-held format, QuickSee enables clinically accurate autorefraction anywhere.

PlenOptika technology combines excellent engineering, creative innovation, and a steadfast focus on human-centered design to meet the global challenge of visual impairment. Their core platform technology, the patented PlenOptika Wavefront Refraction Engine™, offers eye care professionals and healthcare providers an unprecedented combination of clinical power and usability suited equally for the modern clinic, optical retail store, home visit, and global health mission.

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Anywhere Anytime Accurate Eye testing

With e-see, you can conduct auto refraction easily, anywhere—without compromising quality.
That means you can see more patients, and help them make the best vision care choices.

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