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One in three human worldwide are affected by uncorrected refractive error, which is the second leading / major cause of blindness in the world. According to the report from World Health Organization more than 28% of the Indian population are affected .This plays a major role in affecting the livelihood of an individual and it is more common among the children.There are 269 billion dollors global productivity loss occurs due to the uncorrected refractive errors. Prescription of eyeglasses might transform the lives of over a billion populations. Today it is easy to identify and resolve with e-see.

"A significant bottleneck in giving corrective glasses to the over a billion people who need them, is the inability to provide an accurate prescription. There just aren’t enough skilled people available to do this nor the right technology that is accurate, easy to learn, affordable and portable. This indeed is the urgent innovation need of the day to help people see better".

-Thulasiraj Ravilla, Aravind Eye Care System

Impact of Corrected refractive error

Improved Education

Kids dropping out of schools will get reduced

Increase the income

Better performance at work

More concentration on work

Active Lifestyle

Reduced Dependency


Getting the right dosage

Train running status

Driving Safety

Anywhere Anytime Accurate Eye testing

With e-see, you can conduct autorefraction easily, anywhere?without compromising quality.
That means you can see more patients, and help them make the best vision care choices.

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